We are focusing extremely highly on our own marketing. And we're talking not just affiliates, we put great weight to appear everywhere on all the different digital media each month. While you are affiliates with us, we advertise ourselves and together, we help each other.This is your chance to earn big from our loyal and reliable affiliate programs. Together we can make great achievements . We offer highly competitive commission rates starting with a minimum rate of 25% revenue share when signing up which will increase depending on your performance..

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€ 3,000 - € 8,000


€ 8,000 - € 12,000


Over € 12,000




Fully approved, 100% secured and friendly Casino Extreme will carry-out through an amazing world of slots, video poker, roulette and blackjack games, all assorted with a touch of hot promotions and spectacular progressive jackpots


While we work with a number of high-quality operators, there’s no question that Viggopartners and Viggoslots represent what we consider to be the single best online casino on the market today. Their consistent focus on quality and reputation are a credit to what are a very hard working team. We wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend this program to either affiliates or players


We at Wisegambler love working with Viggo Slots affiliates, they are friendly, and because we team up with them, we offer our clients more helpful and friendly services - Wisegambler "


“Viggoslots casino is offering best casino products customized for desired local gambling market. Staff is very professional and friendly at the same time – always coming out with great ideas and exclusive offers" 


Working with Viggo Partners is a great experience - a professional, 
responsive management team and the superb casino makes the perfect combination. 
We have seen excellent conversions and look forward to a long and profitable 
future working together


It is a pleasure to work with ViggoPartners. Viggoslots Casino is an interesting brand with a great & unique design. It works very well in the German market and because of that is one of the most promising new casino brands we promote on our site. 

Bestcasinosno is very happy to promote Viggoslots Casino. It works very well in the Norwegian market. Very professional support and excellent conversation rate are just some of the reasons we recommend ViggoPartners as a partner. 


If there is a partner brand that works hard to stay as user friendly and ergonomic as possible, this is There is no doubt ; is very happy to work with an online casino that offers a la carte bonuses and an impeccable affiliate service.


Viggoslots offer awesome product and fantastic team. Everything have been very smooth and we are very proud that we can be partners with them


We have been working with Viggoslots for a long time. It feels both safe while we see top brands that convert well


When you want to extract the value out of your traffic, you can not go wrong with Viggopartners. Our traffic is converting in to registrations and our registrations are converting in to euros. Viggoslots is a great brand and our players feel the same. Do yourself a favour, and send your traffic to a program that works! We at, are very happy so far.


Viggoslots it's one of the best operator we have been working with! Service its on top and affiliate team its great.


 Viggoslots Casino is an awesome brand with no waggering requirements on bonuses! Behind Viggoslots Affiliates there is a professional team ready to answer any questions. Highly recommended!


 Viggoslots are among the best performing brands in Finland. We can defiantly recommend this program for anyone looking for a great casino


Partnering up with ViggoPartners has been fast and easy! The communication has been flawless and professional. ViggoSlots offers some really big casino bonuses on top of their cashback so it is great to have it on Bojoko.


Working with ViggoSlots has always been easy as it could! Our dedicated affiliate manager Denis is always helpful and we get all of the support we need. Casino has overall all you need a player to feel well!


Its amazing to work with this brand, great affiliate manager!


We absolutely love working with Denis from Viggoslots, a very performing brand and high level of affiliate management service. Highly recommended!


Viggoslots is a great program, and very rewarding. Their casino product is attractive for players and affiliates alike.


We really like working with these guys. Their casino is very fresh and sleek looking, and players like that a lot. Also good free spins and bonus offers. 


Working with Viggoslots is so easy. Their product is sleek and the casino bonuses are amazing. We like as affiliates, and our players like too. 



For The Gambler Bay, partnering with Your brand is a very important step. We have long been striving for this and believe that this is a mutually beneficial investment of forces. Your brand is the embodiment of functions that are absolutely necessary for modern affiliate programs. Thank you for your trust!


We’re extremely happy with our partnership with Viggoslots Casino. Their management team is fast, responsive and always helpful. It, alongside Viggoslots Casino’s excellent promotions and a huge variety of games, have greatly helped us attract players and make our partnership fruitful and mutually beneficial. We’re more than happy to recommend Viggoslots Casino to players and affiliates alike!


Affiliate team in this company its doing amazing work! Keep the good work on guys, recommend this brand to everybody out there.


We at Casino Lista are honoured to be collaborating with Viggo Partners and their top-tier casino brand, Casino Viggoslots. Their affiliate support is impeccable and they are on the ball at all times, making it a pleasure to work with them since day one. We hope to continue working with Viggo Partners for more years to come


We want to continue working with Viggoslots for a long period of time. Since we started working with them, any concerns have been resolved quickly and effectively.


We are constantly looking for new brands for our customers. Viggoslots casino with their great selection of games, localized payment methods and various offers and bonuses, will for sure satisfy our players. Also, a user-friendly website and an excellent support team makes working with them easy and stress free. That is why we are happy to recommend them.


Viggoslots is a very professional brand and very easy to work with. Their affiliate program is highly recommended as well as the brand itself!


We at casinoorbit love working with Viggo Slots affiliates, they are friendly. And very helpfull.


Viggoslots and Denis on affiliate department its doing amazing work.We at Nodeposite explorers recommend Viggoslots to everyone.


Viggoslots casino stands out from the normal run of the mill casino out there and entices players in with great bonuses. The affiliate team have been really good so far.


We recommend Viggoslots. The affiliate team is efficient and look after us really well. Our visitors have responded really well to the brand.


Viggo Partners Affiliates is one of our top partners and we can only say the best things about it. 
Fair commission structure, accurate reporting, excellent promotions and a dedicated and professional affiliate team
 makes Viggo Partners Affiliates one of our preferred partners out there. We have seen great conversions and look
 forward to a long and beneficial future working together 


Viggoslots, an ultra serious partner . Denis Svensson the manager knows his work perfectly 
and is always there to help and make you evolve


We’ve seen some promising results since the beginning of our partnership with ViggoPartners and their Viggoslots Casino. Affiliate managers team is great to work with, accurate and always immediate response to our questions and needs. Viggoslots Casino has good free spins and bonus offers which have a great conversion rate. 


Working with ViggoPartners has never been so easy since they offer a solid affiliate platform. Trusted partners are all we can say about ViggoPartners.


Having tried once to cooperate with Viggo Slots affiliates you no longer desire to work with anyone else. After all, the company's professionals ViggoSlots never stop their development. At the same time, they allow our team to develop and improve, to offer our customers an ever wider range of operations, to make the terms of use more delightful. These are the qualities we value in our partner. We are developing reciprocally, this is a beneficial cooperation for both parties. We are very happy that we work with this affiliate program and plan to deepen our collaboration in coming decades. Our best recommendations and greatest wishes for the team of our partner!


We’ve been working with Viggoslots Affiliate for some time now and couldn’t be happier with the way they work and the success they have brought us.  If you are looking for incredibly responsible, supportive and reliable partner, you will never regret. Great conversion, Helpful support


We recommend working with Viggoslots affiliates. The affiliate team is highly professional and easy to work with


Viggoslots it's one of the best operator we have been working with! Service its on top and affiliate team its great.




Viggoslots it's one of the best operator we have been working with! Service its on top and affiliate team its great.


Viggo Partners has been one of my favourite affiliate programs to work with for a while already. They take care of business without any delay and I can put my time where it matters the most. All my players are loving Viggoslots and that is no surprise. The site is really good and I find myself playing there from time to time.


Working with them is a good experience. We like their brand, we like their affiliate program. 


ViggoPartners is a very reactive team who provides all materials we need to optimize the conversion. Working with them is a great experience, highly recommended.


Viggoslots has proven to be a great converting brand with best affiliate manager support. Highly recommended.


ViggoPartners has been a solid affiliation partner from day one. We were actually one of the first partners ever promoting ViggoSlots online casino, and we can truly say that this is a brand to choose for big revenue!


Viggoslots is a fresh wind in the Casino world. Amazing promotions for players and good value for affiliates as well. We do recommend! 


Working with Viggoslots Casino is very reasonable rewarding commission wise. We are breaking records each month and the support is great! 


Viggo Slots is a popular brand amongst. We highly recommend working together with Viggo Partners as their team have shown true professionalism and our results have been impressive. Thank you Viggo Partners for being awesome!


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We're happy to be working with Viggoslots Affiliates. So far the program has been working great for us. Denis, our affiliate manager, is always there to help if we ever have any questions. All in all, it's a program where everything is working as it should!


Vihjeareena is proud to promote Viggoslots Casino. This partnership has been so succesful and easy. 5 Stars out of 5!


A friendly and quick responding affiliate team together with a product that always evolving.
Their professionalism and diligence make them wonderful partners, and therefore highly recommend them to everyone


Viggoslots is a top platform when it comes to operators. Without a doubt, the attention it provides is one of the best with which we have had the pleasure of working. We recommend them.


We have worked alongside Viggoslots for quite some time now, and our experience and partnership can only be described in positive terms. Viggoslots have a professional and very helpful affiliate team. We look forward to continue working with Viggoslots in the future and strongly recommend them to anyone.



Working with Viggoslots has been great so far! Our relationship is fairly new but our contact has been nothing but helpful! Our users have been reacting very positively as well, so we are looking to good times ahead!


We have worked with multiple brands over the years, keeping in view our experiences we have no doubts that Viggoslots tops them all with their amazing team committed to build stronger relationships


While it is important for companies to build partnerships with other brands, picking a brand that helps you grow together is key. Viggoslots is exactly the type of client we needed, throughout this partnership we have managed to learn and grow together with them. Viggoslots is run by a professional team that knows well about their tasks



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Viggo Partners

We at Viggo Partners offer over 800 incredible slots. Among other things, the strong industry brands such as Microgaming and NetEnt to name just a few. We always have the latest and newest games on the market to offer our players. Thanks to our great interest in the player and our selected premium games providers, we are always one step ahead. When a player is called, you can be sure that they are there to stay and play.



What is an Affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring players from your website or other marketing means to our website. Every person who joins Viggopartners through your links, makes a deposit and starts generating revenue will also result into commissions for you. It's WIN-WIN

How do I become an affiliate?

Sign up using the registration form on this website. As soon as a member of the Viggopartners team validates your account, you will receive a welcome email with your log in details. Log in and choose a link or banner to post on your site and from then onwards you can start earning commissions.

How are commissions calculated?

Viggopartners Program offers a competitive commission structure. You will start off by earning 25% but you can earn up to 40% depending on the amount of revenue your players generate every month.

How do I know how much money I am earning?

Viggopartners program provides you with detailed information regarding your commission. Log in, click on ‘Reports’, choose the desired time period and you will see the amount of commission earned during that period. Viggopartners does not “NOT” deduct any hidden fees or extra costs connected to your revenue.

How long am I paid for a referred player?

Viggopartners offer lifetime revenue share therefore you will be earning commissions for the player activity generated from the first day they join Viggoslots and for as long as they keep playing at Viggoslots. This pretty much means our partnership may last forever!

When & How do I get paid?

Viggopartners transfers your commission to your requested payment method between the 10th and the 15th every month. Minimum payout to your requested payment method is 100€. Should your commission for a particular calendar month be lower than the minimum payout amount, such amount will be rolled over to the next month until the minimum amount is reached.

Where can I see the basic statistics?

Log into your Viggopartners affiliate account and on the main page you will be able to see basic statistics like clicks, registrations, number of depositors and earnings.

Where can I see the monthly revenue?

Click on ‘Reports’ and you can choose to see the revenue for different criteria like Campaigns or Gaming Activity for example.


What happens if my affiliate account shows negative net earnings?

There could be certain months where your net earnings could result as negative figures. This usually happens when a player or players win at Viggoslots. Viggopartners however does not carry over negative balances from one month to the next. Every month, in case of negative net earnings, you will start afresh with 0 balance.

Need more assistance?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding Viggoslots or Viggopartners do not hesitate to contact us on : [email protected] or by using the Contact Form found at the bottom of this page.


We offer a large variety of payment methods that suit you. All you need to do is choose a payment method. We take care of all the paperwork and sundry. As partners with us you can relax and sit back and Viggoslots Affiliates will take care of the rest for you. All payments are made each month, no later than the 15th.




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